Lundi Gras 2014: Proteus and Orpheus

So Lundi Gras was cold and miserable, but my employer hooked us up with balcony access so we had a place to thaw out. Film is Delta 400 pushed to 3200 and developed in Rodinal and Ilford chems. Collie hair on negatives was graciously donated by Ollie McFatcollie.

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St John's Eve head-washing ceremony, Bayou St. John

This is the annual head washing ceremony, which is a sort of Voudoo "baptism". It's held in honor or Marie Laveau. For more information, see the Wikipedia entry for St. John's Eve. This event is done by Island of Salvation Botanica and Sallie Ann Glassman.

More images here:

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New experiment: Fuji Acros and Rodinal

I'm actually kind of pleased with this combination. Click the image below to see some examples of random things around NOLA that were done in it.

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St Louis #1 and #3 photos added

95 degrees? Check. No shade anywhere? Check. 20 pounds of camera crap? Miles and miles of walking? Check. It's a great recipe for fun.

Here's the tomb of EJ Bellocq, a photographer best known for spending his meager fortune on photographing the prostitutes of Storyville, the long defunct redlight(er) district of New Orleans. Click on the image to see more from St Louis #1 and #3.

Insanely high-res photos on request.
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Experiment: Ilford Delta 100 in TMAX devs

I wasn't terribly impressed with this combination. Yeah, it's smooth and the details came out great, but beyond that it was just kinda... blah.

TMAX 1:9 @ 75 degrees, 12:30.

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